About me

Hello, I’m Barbara.

Welcome to my site and let me introduce myself.

I’m a photographer, photo retoucher and a keen enthusiast on digital image editing and photo manipulation. I love being creative, let it be food photography, aerial drone photography or just a normal newborn shoot out in the nature.

I have been interested in digital images and photography for a long time and now with hundreds of finished projects, I still find the thrill in every new one that I do. I always try to do my best and express feelings with images and help my customers achieve their goals. 

I’m more than happy to hear about your project as well, chances are that I can help you whatever the needs are.

Here are some ideas in which I can be of assistance:

  • Complete food photography for restaurants, bars or any catering institution whatever the scale of the job.
  • I will make your business more popular by providing you with quality Google Street View 360 degrees images. http://barbaralorinczphotography.com/google-street-view-and-virtual-tour-services/ This will generate you more turnover, simply your business will gain an advantage in the digital world.
  • Various other photography projects that you can think of.
  • Digital photo retouching services.( https://www.barbaralorincz.com ) With the help of photoshop I can make the image that you have imagined.
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